What Is The Right School Choice For My Child ?

What Is The Right School Choice For My Child?

School is the basic foundation of knowledge being imparted to a child. It gives a chance to children to acquire knowledge on various fields of education, such as people, literature, history, mathematics, politics, and other numerous subjects.

The Importance of Education School For My Child

Every person wants to make the world a better place to live in and their success will impact their life positively. But how can one be successful if they don’t have the right education? In addition, education provides the benefit of exposure to new information and helps in personal development. It allows children to overcome challenges in different ways. Parents are the first teachers for children and they are also the first guides who can guide them in the right direction. Children need an initial guidance and education to pave the way for them to succeed in life. How Is Education Important? Education plays a crucial role in a child’s development. It enables them to grow into responsible adults and adults who are always ready to face the challenges of life.

The Different Types of Schools Available

For the child of age 6 to 16, there are different types of schools depending on their subject. They are as follow:

1. Private schools The public schools are government-run schools. But there are some private schools which are run by non-government or charitable organizations. The students have the choice to attend them. In some cases, students enrolling in private schools have to pay a small sum for tuition fee.

2. Private non-profit schools In some cases, private non-profit schools are run by religious or charitable organizations, whereas they are for the non-wealthy students.

3. Public schools The public schools are run by the government or local governments. This is for the students living in the cities or towns.

Choose The Right School For Your Child

Many educational institutions in the UAE have been set up to provide maximum knowledge to children. There are schools for primary, middle, and secondary. All these schools give equal amount of knowledge to students and different curriculum. In case you are a parent or a guardian of school-going child, then you must make your choice of the school wisely. In order to make your choice easy, here we have compiled a list of schools in UAE and offered at the end of the article.

  1.  International School of Arabia – this school is located in Sharjah, the most beautiful city of UAE. Students of the class I to IV are taught in English.
  2. The secondary, higher secondary, and higher secondary plus schools are taught in Arabic


For quality education, a child requires the help of a school which is registered in the relevant state, federal or central government database. The quality of education provided by a school depends on its past records, the reputation of the school, and the facilities and infrastructure available in that school. The best schools will provide maximum facilities to students for education, which includes required teachers, a good school fee and excellent facilities.


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